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About Us

At Feels Great on You we strive to offer the highest quality lingerie, nightwear and hosiery exclusively manufactured in Europe. Our goal is to provide a wide range of items which not only look great but – most importantly – feel great on you. The products we offer are not just designed in Europe by European brands, but they are made from European fabrics, cut, sewn and assembled in Europe.

One of the major differentiators of Feels Great on You are the fabrics our products are made of. They are skin friendly, hypo-allergenic, and made of the highest quality fibres and yarns which is confirmed by the attestation tags attached. We focus on comfort and innovation without sacrificing on elegance and style. Our fabrics include modal, a cotton-like fabric made of the softest fibre in the world, and eco-lace – a unique recycled environmentally-friendly filigree lace. You will also find a wide range of tulle, satin, micromesh, faille, and cotton-made products.

All product descriptions on the Feels Great on You site include thorough composition details to provide you with complete information of what you will be putting on your skin. Thanks to the high-quality of the fabrics and yarns used we are also confident that their durability and characteristics won’t change after washing (providing you adhere to the care and washing instructions.)

You may find our descriptions long and detailed, but since you can’t see or try on the product, we want you to have the closest experience possible and provide you with every detail and measurement. European quality finishings and details are our point of difference, so ask us your question and we will measure and/or take a photo of the particular detail you want to know more about before making your purchase. This is also possible because every product presented in the Feels Great on You online store we have in stock so we can have a quick look at it and answer your query promptly. For any guys wanting to surprise their woman with a unique gift, we will offer advice on size and style.

The brands offered by Feels Great on You are proudly presented in Australia for the very first time. We personally sourced them in Europe, visited their state-of the art manufacturing plants and decided to introduce them to Asia-Pacific clients. At Feels Great On You we place a lot of value on work ethics and can guarantee that all our items are made by professional seamstresses and assembly workers without any child labour involved.

We aim to deliver the highest quality European-made items at a competitive price and offer free shipping for all orders above $200.